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Lyiiek OMGz el oh el

Basic Info
Age: 15
Birthday:Feb. 6, 1990
Gender: Feamle bitches!
Location: Stuart
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Height: 5' 2"
Pets/pictures: Ki-Ki, my kiity
Instruments: none
Sports: that's funny
Religion (optional): Dark Carnival (Christian)

Bands (name 10):
[002] Insane Clown Posse
[003] Dark Lotus
[004]Soopa Villains
[006] BEP
[007] Soopa Heroez
[008]Blaze ya dead homie
[009] ABK
[010] YOUR MOM!
[001] HP1
[003] HP3
[002] Notebook
[003] Rent
[004] Star Wars episode 3
[005] Attack of the Australianss
[001] Australians
[002] Kitties
[003] Music
[004] sucking at life
[005] web design
Actor: Johnny Depp
Actress: Charlize Theron
Era: Feudal Japan
Food: cookies
TV show: purple show
Country (besides your resident country): Australia
Time of day: night

Rape: Bad, because after seeing Derailed I felt sick to my stomach
Abortion: Bad, because I've almost had to deal with that kind of desicion but then it turned out I wasn't prego
Premarital Sex: All for it!
Same Sex Marriage: Go ahead, Love is Love
Drugs/Alcohol: opinion
Labels: don't know someone till you know them
Self-Abuse/Suicide: BAD! Why throw away and eternity of bliss for one bad moment

Coke/Pepsi: FAYGO!!
Telephone/Computer: Computer...easier for me to express my feelings
MP3/Ipod: CD!!!
Cd/Ipod: CD!!!
BSB/Nsync: Backstreets back alright!
Black/White: Mexican
Day/Night: the moon
Vampire/Werewolf: Vampires are hot
Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings: Harry Potter
Rock/Rap: horror rap with rock beats
Techno/Rock: TECHNO!!!
Rock/Country: ROCK!!
DDR/Karaoke: DDR!!! bizitches
Piano/Guitar: piano
Warped Tour/Taste of Chaos: neither....Gathering of the Juggalos
NY/LA: NY!!!
Math/English: English!!!
Laugh/Cry: Laugh and grow fat
My Chemical Romance/Fall out Boy: My Chemical Romance
MTV/Fuse: Fuse
Mountians/Beach: Mountains
Pen/Pencil: pen...i things that are permenant
Degrassi/Instant Star: Degrassi
Beautiful People/Gilmore Girls: Gilmore girls
Lindsey Lohan/Amanda Bynes: Amanda Bynes
Wife Swap/Switched: Switched
Converse/K-swiss: Converse
Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt:Brad Pitt
Abecrombie/Hot Topic: Hot Topic
Jen Aniston/Angelina Jolie: Angelina Jolie
el oh el/lol: el oh el
Photography/drawing: Drawing
Drums/Guitar: Drums

Yes or No
Drink: no
Smoke: ocasionally
Read: all the time
Watch TV: nope
Watch the News: sometimes
Braces: yep
Glasses: nope
Contacts: nope

Tell us your Dirty little secret: I have a fake idenity so i talk to an australian guy who thinks i'm 24
What do you want to be when you "grow up"? pharmecueticals developer
Make us laugh using a picture or joke/story/ancedote: one time on this bridge there was a man and he was looking in the water....and then he fell
Promote us to one community and one journal, post links here: me out nicole
Why should you be in our community?: Because you love me
Say something about the mods:
Alex: I love you alex and I think your one of the sweetest people ever! I'm going to miss you!
Nicole: HAWT! I love you! and i'm gunna miss you !!

Post 3 to 8 pictures including on 100x100 for accepted page: Love me!

Any Last Words?: LOVE ME!!!
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