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Basic Info
Name: Lauren
Age: 14
Birthday: july, 3rd, 1991.
Gender: girl.
Location: fortmyers, fl.
Sexual Orientation:straight.
Height: 5'7
Pets/pictures:Image hosted by TinyPic.com me&my kitty =]
Instruments: i used to play piano, french horn, and drums, nothing at the moment.
Religion (optional): i don't really have one.

Bands (name 10):
[001]panic! at the disco.
[002]the academy is.
[003]the clash
[008]senses fail.
[010]the offspring.
[001]better then running at night.
[002]in her shoes.
[004]death becomes her.
[005]school of rock.
[003]taking pictures!
[005]shopping =]
Actor: adam pascal.
Actress:cameron diaz.
Food:peanut butter!
TV show: degrassi.
Country (besides your resident country): london is quite amazing.
Time of day: nightnightnight!

Rape: ew, i think it's disgusting. jeeze.
Abortion:it's alright i guess, if you can't support a child, but adoption is better.
Premarital Sex:i don't really have anything against it, not saying i like do it alll the time or anything, just, if you're ready, go ahead.
Same Sex Marriage: i think it's perfectly fine.
Drugs/Alcohol: they're fine as long as you don't do them too much, too much can just result too death.
Labels:they're fine unless the person you're labeling gets mad about it.
Self-Abuse/Suicide: i think it's stupid, i mean, expecially people who do it for dumb reasons, but like.. if that's how you deal with it, whatever man.

Coke/Pepsi: coke.
Telephone/Computer: computer.
MP3/Ipod: ipod.
Cd/Ipod: ipod.
BSB/Nsync: bsb.
Black/White: black.
Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings:harry potter!!
Rock/Country: both.
DDR/Karaoke:ddr owns.
Piano/Guitar: piano.
Warped Tour/Taste of Chaos: warped tour.
Math/English: english.
Laugh/Cry: laugh.
My Chemical Romance/Fall out Boy:falll out boy.
Pen/Pencil: pen.
Degrassi/Instant Star:degrassi!
Beautiful People/Gilmore Girls:beautiful people.
Lindsey Lohan/Amanda Bynes:amanda bynes is my cousin, so her.
Wife Swap/Switched:switched.
Converse/K-swiss: converse, definitely.
Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt:tom cruise.
Abecrombie/Hot Topic: abecrombie.
Jen Aniston/Angelina Jolie: jennifer aniston.
el oh el/lol:el oh el.
Drums/Guitar: drums.
Piano/violin: piano.

Yes or No
Drink: yes
Smoke: yes
Read: no
Watch TV:yes
Watch the News: no
Braces: used too.
Glasses: i have them, but i don't need them, i just like them.
Contacts: yes.

Tell us your Dirty little secret: i like my ex boyfriend, and i have a boyfriend =X!
What do you want to be when you "grow up"? i seriously have no clue.
Make us laugh using a picture or joke/story/ancedote: okay, here's a story.
i went to the movies one night, and i wanted to walk to the ice cream place but i didnt have enough money to get ice cream so i was asking random people and my friend&i came up to some random kid & we were like can we barrow a dollar? and hes like sure, for what, and we were like, oh, we want to go to the ice cream place, and then my friend goes, arent you AJ? and hes like haha yeah heyy !, and then hes like we can just take my car there lets go, so we went to the ice cream palce with aj in his car, and were going back to the movies after so my friend yells out the window to some HUGE black dude it a huge car, and he turns aorund, and starts CHASING US! so AJ pulls out of the movies and drove off to the other entrnce, and the guy didn;t follow us, thank god!, then, we're like hey my friend lives down that road can we go see him? and he goes sure.. and like halfway there, "aj" goes, oh umm, i'm not aj and i don't really have my license. so we're driving around this with this kid we dont even know. ahahhah, it was so funny. the friend i was with peed her pants.
Promote us to one community and one journal, post links here:www.livejournal.com/users/shortyj2112

Why should you be in our community?: because it looks really cool! and i'd like to be a part of it.
Say something about the mods:
Alex: i love your picture! it's so pretty, you seem cool.
Nicole: you are just gorgeous!

Post 3 to 8 pictures including on 100x100 for accepted page:
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
i'm the one with the sunglasses.
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
not the best picture, if you want another, i'll make one.
Any Last Words?:
thanks =]!
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