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[01 Jan 2006|11:05pm]

it's Lauren [shortyj2112]
new journal.
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[30 Dec 2005|06:26pm]

Okay, so here's what I got for xmas...

presentsCollapse )
And then my friend and I hung out...twas fun.

Julie is hawt.Collapse )
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//Stamped//Today. [15 Dec 2005|03:55pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Today was really funny.
Quinn's a funny kid.
He's going to throw me.
I highly doubt that.
But if he does... I think we should give him a cookie.
Because... boy would that be an accomplishment.

In all actuality... I did go on the addict-space & sent him a message saying that he & I didn't like eachother so let's not talk to or about eachother. Then I said bye.
I don't need his hounding friends on me too, so I told him to pass it along.

Bye loves.

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[12 Dec 2005|10:27pm]

Four auto-accepts left and then we vote.
Promote people!
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Lyiiek OMGz el oh el [12 Dec 2005|02:05pm]
We're gonna die like thisCollapse )
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Lyiiekk OMGZZ el oh el [08 Dec 2005|04:22pm]

[ mood | blah ]

We'reCollapse )

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[27 Nov 2005|08:13pm]

I'm going to shoot you people if you don't promote
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And I say to the sister community... [08 Nov 2005|06:56pm]

You are the big sister I never had.Collapse )
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[06 Nov 2005|06:09pm]
Check out FLYLEAF! On tour with STAIND.

E-card here!
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Look what I made [02 Nov 2005|07:53pm]

to you my darling my groom.Collapse )
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